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The Adult Humor Club is a free membership club for adults only, because we don't think kids should have access to the type of jokes, cartoons, and pictures that are meant for adult eyes only.

So, if you're NOT at least 18 years old...SCRAM, BEAT IT, GET OUT OF HERE!!!

Also, if you don't like gross jokes or politically incorrect ones, or are offended by any unclothed part of the human anatomy, then by all means, leave are, also, not welcomed here!

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Now that we have the kids and prudes out of here, if you like adult jokes and are not offended by them or occasional (non-pornographic) nude bodies in either real or drawn pictures, keep on reading.

Once you join the club, you will have access to adult jokes that range from cute to down right raunchy and gross. There will be politically incorrect jokes. (Everything and everyone is fair game to be made fun of...but it is all meant to be in good natured fun...of course.)

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Photocopier Art You'll find that we don't just have jokes. We have a large collection of those dirty photocopier cartoons that are passed around the office. We have funny pictures. We have naughty poems and a lot of other fun stuff.

Some people may think our collection of adult humor is taboo and should be banned, but if you love to have a good laugh and are not a stick in the mud, then we know the Adult Humor Club is your kind of place.

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You will, also, be able to share with the other members, your favorite adult jokes and even that great one you just heard recently. Pull out your collection of photocopier cartoons and any other funny adult material you might have hanging around and share with all of us.

That being said, with the help of all members contributing to the collection of funny adult jokes and material, it is destined to become the largest adult humor archive anywhere. You definitely don't want to be left out.

NOTICE: Don't screw around and put off subscribing. Due to web hosting limitations, membership may close at anytime.

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